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  • How to Fix the F2 & F4 Keys in Excel for Macs

    So if you’re like me and grew up using PCs, then you probably learned how to use Excel on a PC (just about every industry everywhere uses Excel for something…). And if your’e a big dork, like me, then you know that one of the best things about Excel is the shortcuts, especially the F2 and F4 keys. But these shortcuts don’t work on Excel for Mac, at least not without the help of a helpful little program called Butler.

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  • Everything in its right place…finally

    Ahhh…that’s better. Finally…FINALLY…all of my stuff is one place and organized the way I want it to be. All the things I’m reading, listening to, taking pictures of, working on, and thinking about. I know this sounds majorly OCD, and it probably is, but I like to think I’m just well-organized. (I get this from my mom, btw – thanks, Mom!).

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