Why I Love My Angriest Customers

One of the best posts I’ve ever read about how to deal with customer feedback from Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote. A number of choice quotes, including this:

“Customer feedback is great for telling you what you did wrong. It’s terrible at telling you what you should do next.”

And this:

“Internet complaints are great at telling you what you did wrong. Don’t take them personally, and don’t rush to implement the suggested corrective measures, but do pay attention. Also train new team members on how to read Internet criticism without losing their mind.”

And lastly this:

“Your customers can’t design your product for you. Keep an open mind about suggestions, but don’t let them take you too far astray from your own product vision. People have a great innate sense of what’s making them unhappy right now, but they’re not very good at predicting what will make them happy in the future.”

Well worth the full read.

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