Everything in its right place…finally

Ahhh…that’s better. Finally…FINALLY…all of my stuff is one place and organized the way I want it to be. All the things I’m reading, listening to, taking pictures of, working on, and thinking about. I know this sounds majorly OCD, and it probably is, but I like to think I’m just well-organized. (I get this from my mom, btw – thanks, Mom!)

For the longest time, my digital stuff has been spread out across a number of different services (Tumblr, Evernote, rdio, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), not very well organized or tied together, and not really that easy to find or share. Now it’s all right here so I can just do a quick search down in the footer of this site, and everything is at my fingertips. Awesome. And such a relief.

I’ve got a ways to go before a lot of my old music posts and links are populated, but I’ll get it done a little at a time over the coming months. And in the meantime, all the new stuff will be posted right here. Hopefully I’m not the only one who appreciates this! We’ll see I guess.

Anyway, this is probably the best time to explain how this site is organized, so here goes. There are 5 major sections (for now, at least).


This is all of the best stuff I’m reading about startups, technology, leadership, design, and other things related to building companies. I’m reading pretty much all the time – at the gym, on the subway, while I’m walking, etc. It’s probably a bit much, but I do stumble across some pretty awesome stuff from time to time.


I. Love. Music. Probably a little too much. So I’m listening to it all the time, usually in conjunction with reading but also while I’m working, working out, etc. And I post the best stuff here (in my opinion)…at least one track each day.


These are just some random pics I take with my phone, usually enhanced via Instagram. Hopefully you think they look cool.


In case it weren’t obvious, these are my thoughts. Not exactly sure what I’m going to write about yet, but I’m guessing that some kind of a theme will emerge over time…likely something to do with productivity (I’m kind of obsessed with optimizing the way I spend my time between work and fun stuff) and the lessons I’ve learned about being an entrepreneur (so far…still lots to learn about starting and growing companies).


These are web design projects that I’ve been involved with. I got into front-end web design a few years ago, and I totally dig it…designing and building stuff is incredibly fun. So I tend to spend most of my free time either doing it or learning about it. I’ve been fortunate to work on some pretty cool projects so far, which you can check out in the Projects section if you’re curious.

Anyway, that’s about it. Feel free to post a comment below if you have any questions, but I’m not sure why you would. And if you want to learn a little more about me, check out my about page.

P.S. How awesome is that video? Amazing. Just found it over on YouTube when I was looking for an embed for this post. And now it’s in its right place here on this blog post…super easy for me to find again. Awesomeness.

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